Public Garden is about being better together. 

Public Garden is an alternative to big-box enterprise with a free spirit. It provides surprising benefits to the public, in both tangible and intangible ways.

Launched in 2011, Public Garden started as a one-time event, gathering friends and family with the aim of supporting independent brands.

With the support of shoppers and brands, the one-time event has developed into an event with regular frequency, with a community of strong creatives who share skills and push the envelope of design, brand concepts, craftsmanship and quality.

Public Garden is now Singapore's leading Consumer Trade Show for international brands, catering to anyone who is interested to explore, learn and improve. Folks of all ages and from all walks of life are always welcome. Public Garden is the best place to discover new and under-the-radar retail concepts across Asia.

Public Garden Consumer Trade Show is held a couple of times a year and features hundreds of top independent brands in design, art, fashion, vintage, beauty, dining and publishing. There is no restriction on industries. Anyone with an interesting brand concept can apply to join Public Garden Consumer Trade Show.

There is a wide reach of brands in Asia, with brands joining from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. Apart from Southeast Asia, shoppers will be able to find exhibiting brands from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China.

Other than the Consumer Trade Show, Public Garden events like workshops and film screenings take place regularly across the beautiful cityscape of Singapore.

By taking part in Public Garden's projects, we hope that independent businesses are continually supported by the general public, so that the work of individuals and brands have room for growth and development.

Public Garden Student Program

Public Garden Student Program offers incentives for:
- students who are interested to join Public Garden Consumer Trade Show

If you are interested, more information can be found under the Contact Page.

Timeline of Public Garden

The below information is a timeline of Public Garden from 2011 till now.

Aug 2011
The first Public Garden was held at Old School on Mount Sophia. It is the first event in Singapore which brought independent brands and labels, with both physical or digital presence, together at one place.

Nov 2011
Public Garden Christmas 2011 was held at F1 Pit Building, where a food section was added to the event. It was the first pop-up event with an artisanal dining concept, supporting independent F&B retailers.


Feb 2012
Public Garden was held in Goodman Arts Centre, together with NOISE Singapore, an annual exhibition on Singapore artists by National Arts Council.

May 2012
Public Garden was the event partner of Singapore Art Festival 2012, stretching over 3 weekends and a total duration of 8 days.

Aug 2012
First Year Anniversary!

Within the first year, Public Garden progressed from a single one-off event to a retail event with regular frequency.


Feb 2013
Public Garden was held in National Museum of Singapore, marking the first time an independent retail pop-up event was held in the National Museum.

Jul 2013
Public Garden was the official retail event of Singapore Heritage Fest 2013, with VIP Guest-of-Honour Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

Aug 2013
Second Year Anniversary!

For National Day 2013, Public Garden collaborated with iconic dance club Zouk Singapore, to hold an event spanning over its 3 clubs: Zouk, Phuture and Velvet Underground. 

Public Garden was the first retail event to be held at CHIJMES Hall, where members of the public could have rare access to the historical building. Built in 1840, CHIJMES Hall is a historic complex which began life as a Catholic convent known as the Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus.

Sep 2013
Public Garden partnered Grand Prix Season Singapore 2013, creating an exclusive event with the theme 'Hidden Finds'. Public Garden was the first retail pop-up partner of Grand Prix Season Singapore.

Nov - Dec 2013
Public Garden Christmas was held over a series of weeks in the heart of the central shopping district of Orchard. 
Jan 2014
Within the City Hall shopping district, Public Garden Chinese New Year 2014 was held at CityLink Mall with a temporary store concept, with fashion, homeware, furniture, food and Chinese calligraphy.

Mar 2014
Specially for the opening and launch of National Design Centre, Public Garden held a design-themed event in the revamped historical building of the former Chinese Opera Institute.

Jun 2014
Public Garden's second pop-up project, Public Garden Workshop, kicked off with its first floral arrangement workshop.

Aug 2014
Third Year Anniversary!

Public Garden Film is launched, showing the independent documentary "Crocodile in the Yangtze - The Alibaba Story" to a full house.

Sep 2014
Public Garden held a series of workshops and a large-scale event with the theme 'Hidden Finds' in conjunction with the Grand Prix Season Singapore 2014. 

Nov - Dec 2014
Public Garden Christmas was held over a series of weeks in the heart of the central shopping district of Orchard.

Feb 2015 
Tanjong Pagar Railway Station opened its doors after being closed for two years. Public Garden was the first to be granted access to hold an event at this iconic landmark. A night event was created specially for this occasion.

Mar 2015
Public Garden Workshop moved from a pop-up concept to a permanent studio in the heart of Chinatown. From a monthly schedule, the workshops evolved into a weekly frequency.

June 2015
Public Garden Consumer Trade Show launched in Suntec Convention Centre as a one-day event. This marked Public Garden's growth into an international event. 

Aug 2015
Fourth Year Anniversary!

Oct 2015
Due to the success of the event in June, Public Garden Consumer Trade Show was held over a two-day period. As compared to June 2015, there were participating vendors from more Asian cities, such as Taipei and Hong Kong.

Nov - Dec 2015
Public Garden Christmas 2015 was held over a series of weeks in the heart of the City Hall district, facing the scenic Marina Bay.