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Monday, 22nd September 2014
Public Garden Workshop: Letterpress & Typesetting

We are enamoured with the traditional method of printing – by locking up movable types in a chase and to print using a printing press. In the speed of information sharing and getting ahead of time, there is something romantic and down-to-earth about creating something you care about, using your hands.

We wanted to hold a letterpress workshop where people who wanted to learn more about font and typesetting could learn from someone who was able to teach this traditional, dying trade. Our vendor, Typesettingsg, is just the right person to conduct the class.

Our Letterpress & Typesetting workshop provides each participant with an introduction to letterpress printing and basic typesetting.

The participant will learn the basic of typography, the anatomy of a type and tools in a composing room. Each participant will learn typesetting in stages: layout, lockup, mark-ready, ink & colour and packing.

The student will also be introduced to the printing press and will be guided to operate the press. Students will be able to print their own quotes card in letterpress metal types using the printing press.

The class will be held at the Typesettingsg studio, a beautiful venue.

This one day class will prepare you to use the presses in Typesetting studio needing only occasional guidance from studio personnel. All materials and supplies are included.

This workshop is an excellent place to start if you would like to gain the skills necessary to print your own projects like business cards, stationery and wedding invitations.

Once participants have completed this class, they will be qualified to book time on the presses in Typesettingsg's letterpress studio.

Course Outline
This workshop is ideal for beginners who will like to learn about Letterpress and Typesetting.

This class will cover:
- A brief introduction to history of printing and explanation of letterpress printing
- Introduction to the basic composing equipment
- Introduction to the printing press and a demonstration on how it operate
- Examples of letterpress prints
- Demonstration on how to do a typeset using compositing stick
- Part 1 of typesetting – Layout planning
- Part 2 of typesetting – Composing of form
- Part 3 of typesetting – Locking up the form
- Part 4 of typesetting – Make-ready
- Part 5 of typesetting – Ink & colour
- Part 6 of typesetting – Packing and test print
- Part 7 of typesetting – Cleaning and maintaining of equipment and press

All materials will be provided.

Date: Sat 4 Oct 2014
Time: 2PM – 6PM
Venue: 195 Pearl's Hill Terrace, #02-48, Singapore 168976
Nearest MRT: Chinatown MRT (5 minute walk)
Materials: All materials will be provided.
Price: S$135
Special Addition: Refreshments will be provided. Cake and summer beverage included in course fee.

How To Join
Email and we will assist you in enrolment as well as any questions you have.

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